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Which Weight Loss Surgery Forum Should I Join?

Weight loss surgery is the most effective way to lose substantial amounts of weight when all other forms of weight loss have failed. But it is not a magic pill. Those that undergo bariatric surgery still need to motivate themselves to maintain their diet and exercise requirements and challenge themselves to continue to meet their weight loss goals.

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to do this is by surrounding yourself with support and that support groups and spending time with others that are going through weight loss surgery or have recovered from obesity may be one of the key factors in determining the success of the surgery.

Find Your Support Online Through Weight Loss Surgery Forums

Throughout the process – whether you’re weeks away from your operation or you’ve completed your bariatric surgery weight loss and are simply trying to maintain your weight – you’re going to find yourself with questions, as well as the knowledge that you can use to help others. Online bariatric surgery forums are a great way to do this, especially when they have vibrant and friendly communities.

The following are several forums that may be worth your time and registration.

Overall Weight Loss Surgery Forums – All Forms of Bariatric Surgery
  • Bariatric Pal – Bariatric Pal is one of the most active weight loss surgery forums currently available. They have an individual forum for each type of bariatric surgery, as well as a nutrition, weight loss, plastic surgery, and mental health section for those that need additional assistance.
  • Obesity Help – Obesity Help’s forum provides general forums about obesity but also has a very active community that participates in daily discussions about weight loss surgery. It is not quite as active as Bariatric Pal but does provide a useful place to offer support or ask questions.
  • Thinner Times – The Thinner Times forum has thousands of users, as well as a professional QA section where you can discuss questions you have with a doctor. Like Bariatric Pal, it also has several sub-forums for those that need additional support for other issues that relate to bariatric surgery and weight loss.
  • Bariatric Surgery Support Group – Facebook may not technically be a forum, but it can be used like a forum, and the Bariatric Surgery Support Group forum on Facebook has thousands of very active members that frequently comment and answer reader questions.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Forums

Most of the forums above have discussion areas for each type of bariatric surgery. But as a new bariatric surgery procedure, some gastric sleeve patients may be interested in spending time with others that are also interested in gastric sleeve information. In this case, consider the following forums:

  • Gastric Sleeve – For those looking for a gastric sleeve focused forum, the forum on GastricSleeve.com will likely be appealing. It has tens of thousands of threads about gastric sleeve, both pre-surgery and post-surgery that are useful for both browsing and participation.
  • RealSelf – RealSelf is more of a plastic surgery community, but they do have a popular section for gastric sleeve. One of the benefits of posting in this gastric sleeve forum is that there is a chance you will have a doctor or surgeon respond to your question.
  • Facebook Support Group – For those that want to communicate and learn more about Gastric Sleeve, there is a Facebook support group that is small but active.

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  1. I have tried many things but don’t have any document on it I had colon cancer 2/3 of my colon removed I also suffer from cardomopthy I have a defibrillator I really need help with weight loos but i cant exercise because of shortness of breath tiredness and fatigue

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