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Gastric Banding Results and Recovery Time

Gastric banding results and recovery depends on many factors. Weight loss surgery is the top choice for obese individuals that need to lose the pounds. There are many options with regard to the type of surgery that can be performed. One way is the gastric banding which allows the stomach to be reduced in size and the opening to the stomach reduced in width using an inflatable silicone band. This procedure reduces the amount of space that is in the stomach to hold food as well as reduces the size of the food that can go through to the stomach. All of these things force the individual to make better choices about what they eat and how much.

Gastric banding results are dependent on various factors. The patients overall health, the surgery performance, and the patients commitment are all important in the effectiveness. Every patient need to follow the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle change after gastric banding surgery. All of these things can be deciding factors in how the individual recovers and how well the surgery works for them.

Typical Gastric Banding Results and Recovery Time

Recovery from a gastric banding is not the same for every person. After the surgery the individual can expect to spend a couple of days in the hospital for observation. The medical personnel will want to be sure that there is no problem with the surgery and that your body is not rejecting the banding at all. They will watch for infection and take note of any potential problems. You can expect that after the release you will have some discomfort. This can most often be relieved with the help of pain medication prescribed by the physician.

The first week after surgery will require that you take in liquid only. This is to make sure the stomach has time to adjust and heal before putting more food in. You will then need to adjust to a puree for another two weeks followed by small or soft food. This is an important part of the recovery process because and needs to be dealt with very carefully. Most patients are back to a normal routine after only a couple of weeks. It is important that a change in lifestyle regarding how food is dealt with and your exercise is made.

Statistical Gastric Banding Results

Not every result is the same with gastric banding. The average excess weight loss one year after surgery was noted to be 30% and two years after surgery is noted to be 60%. These results vary depending on how well the individual used the opportunity that the gastric banding gave them. The best results came for those patients that were able to change their approach to food, shrink their portion sizes and increase their exercise plan. Along with exceptional weight loss, patients also had a decrease or complete recovery from comorbidities that were associated with their obesity. These included high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, breathing difficulty and high cholesterol. This means that these individuals are less likely to suffer illness or long term debilitating health problems due to their continued obesity and food habits.

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