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Free Bariatric Surgery Protein Samples

Free Bariatric Surgery Protein Samples

Because of how restrictive and malabsorptive so many weight loss surgeries are, it’s important to take extra care of your nutrition post-surgery. Since most of the food consumed is bypassed in the body, many of the nutrients are not absorbed. Because of this, regular nutritional supplements and minerals are needed for optimal health.

Emerge Bariatric Vitamins

Protein is the most important calorie you consume, that influences your particular metabolic rate. Quality protein helps you sustain muscle during your weight loss, improve fitness, antioxidant function, build good cholesterol levels, enhance insulin in the body, and build your immune system. A minimal target amount of protein is about ¾ of your ideal body weight in grams per day. Each gram of protein is 4 calories. Aim for about 30% of your calories to come from protein. The FDA believes that 50 grams of protein (per 2,000 calories diet) is a solid diet.

When going through the weight loss journey, you may find that you are having trouble eating enough protein to meet this goal. This is where protein samples in terms of bars, shakes, and smoothies come into place. Many companies offer free samples of their products. Here are just some of our favorites.

Free Protein Samples

Quest Nutrition (Emerge Bariatrics) offers free samples of their products by simply liking their Facebook page. Their bars are made with cutting-edge, from scratch ingredients that make eating these bars seem like a treat. Also, Thinkproducts.com will send you a coupon for one of their thin bars for free.

Want something a little different? Bariatricchoice.com will send you a sample of their protein pudding, protein chicken broth, and a protein shake, all to try for free. Just input your information and email into their database and expect your sample in 4-6 weeks.

Freelan1.com offers you a free sample of their lean1 protein mix after completing a short survey about your health and fitness goals. Simply pay for shipping (less than $2). Clifbar.com will send you free protein bars (some individuals say they received 2) just to try.

Atkins.com will send you a free starter kit with 3 protein bars, a free coupon for a frozen meal, and other health/fitness related things just for making an account on their website. It’s fast and easy!

How2Ise.com will send you one free Herbalife protein bar free of charge. Want to try protein water? Visit spartos.com to receive your free sample! Fitness-connection.com also offers free protein samples to new users. Other companies that offer free protein samples are Twinlab.com and Pillsbury.com.

For a free muscle milk sample, visit CytoSport.com. Users report receiving two different flavors to try. For samples of fit, Frappe protein shakes, visit bigtrain.com. Lastly, wheynaturalusa.com offers a free protein mix sample and a 10% off coupon for the cost of shipping (around $2.50).

These are just some of the many free protein samples available on the web. Search your favorite weight loss support group forum for more free samples today!

29 thoughts on “Free Bariatric Surgery Protein Samples

  1. I had the sleeve 9/11/2019 I am looking for samples of vitamins, chewables seem to work the best. I have heard about patches but dont want to spend that kind of cash out of pocket if they dont work as well.

  2. I had bariatric sleeve two years ago and my boyfriend is getting full RNY on the 16th and we are interested in some samples

  3. I had surgery decades ago, and was never told about needing v its. I am 88 and 109lbs 5’5″, and malnourished. On pips, can’t oral iron. Get infusions iron. Please send things that will work for me. Gastrectomy in ’96. Revision in 2012.

  4. I received Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery exactly 1 year ago, tryed alot of different bariatric nutrition, get burnt out of the same ol’ thing, would be Great to try something new, especially when there’s free samples

    1. Quest Nutrition (Emerge Bariatrics) offers free samples of their products. Follow their facebook page for more information.

  5. I would like to have some free samples of the protein powder and vitamins please I just had a gastric sleeve thanks

  6. I would love free samples vitamins drinks please I’m on ssi and it’s so hard to purchase anything with limited income please help

  7. Had bariatric sleeve completed on 6/1/2023 seeking free samples of protein supplements and minerals.

  8. I would like to have some free samples of the protein powder and vitamins please I just had a gastric sleeve. Thank you Yolanda Prince

  9. am going for surgery in December 2023, will like free samples before I decide witch one I buy, because have read many opinions and feel lost, to decide.

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