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Did Mike Pompeo Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Did Mike Pompeo Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Mike Pompeo is the former Secretary of State for the United States government under the Trump Administration. After becoming well-known to the public, he received criticism for being overweight. He opened up about his struggles with obesity and revealed how he lost over 90 pounds

A photo of Pompeo recently went viral, prompting many to inquire how he lost excessive weight so quickly. Did he have gastric sleeve surgery? Did he go on some sort of liquid diet? Or did he perhaps join an expensive personal training program at one of those fancy new high-end gym chains? 

According to Mike Pompeo, the answer is none of the above.

How Did Mike Pompeo Lose so Much Weight?

Mike Pompeo claims his dramatic transformation is attributable to nothing more than working out for 30 minutes five to six times a week. His weight loss is drastic and swift; he looks so different and hard to recognize.

According to experts at Mexico Bariatric Center®, it is very suspicious for the 58-year-old to lose that much weight quickly with diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are essential for a healthier body but are not proven long-term weight loss methods. Shedding excess weight speedily and permanently is only achievable with surgical treatment of obesity.

Whether or not Pompeo had weight loss surgery, he took control of his life and decided to lose weight once and for all.

Why is Mike Pompeo’s Weight Loss Surprising?

The former Secretary of State is known for his love of fast food. In a profile from last year, Politico noted that Pompeo was perhaps “The biggest fast-food fan in Trump’s Cabinet.” Pompeo has spoken publicly about his love of fast food on several occasions.

“I started exercising, not every day, but nearly every day, and eating right, and the weight just started to come off,” he told the Post. “I tried to get down there [gym]  five, six times a week and stay at it for a half-hour or so. And that was nothing scientific. There was no trainer, and there was no dietician. It was just me.” -Mike Pompeo

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, one pound of fat is roughly 3,500 calories. To lose two pounds per week, you will have to burn 7,000 calories more than you take each week. If Mike consumed an average of 2,500 calories a day, he would have to burn at least 24,500 calories a week. 

“The numbers just don’t add up. Dude, just be honest. Mike, come on, man.” said the former Kansas congressman Al Rose, 65, a New York-based trainer, “definitely being untruthful,” and such a rapid loss is usually only attainable with surgery, drugs, or extreme measures.” 

What is the Truth about Mike Pompeo's weight loss?

What is the truth about Mike Pompeo’s weight loss?

Mike Pompeo’s weight loss is a fascinating story, especially as it was achieved with virtually no effort. He claims that working out for 30 minutes a day, five to six days a week, has helped him lose over 90 pounds in 6 months. To put that into perspective, that is equivalent to running 26.2 miles a week or cycling 236 miles a month. If you don’t believe him, just ask him. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter (@mikepompeo). 

After all, it’s not just any random person who is able to lose nearly 100 pounds in a year’s time. This also isn’t a secret that Pompeo has been hiding all this time. Even if he weren’t able to get to that weight loss level, it would still be impressive. It’s the fact that he didn’t need to go under the knife or spend thousands of dollars on a diet support program to achieve it, but simply committed to working out and eating healthier. What do you think? Did Mike Pompeo have weight loss surgery?


5 thoughts on “Did Mike Pompeo Get Weight Loss Surgery?

  1. He totally had it done! I don’t know why he’s lying… can’t believe he had the audacity to run for president: as a proud single mother of 2 I teach my children to be repaid or their accomplishments not hide them away shamefully like this man. Well shame on you Mike Pompeo. Bareatric surgery can’t hide how gross you are!

  2. Come on Mike. You dont need to lie about this, I think you’ve been picking up that bad habit from your cabinet friends. Anyways, he seems like the type to say “once you go Big Mac, you dont go back” so hard to believe you. Say it with me Mike, “BERRY-AT-TRIX”(bariatrics).

  3. yes. 100% had surgery. No 58 year old can cut enough calories to lose that kind of weight without the appetite suppressant effect of weight loss surgery. It’s nothing to hide. Congrats for taking charge of your life Mike. Stop being a liar and acting like the WLS is something shameful.

  4. ¾ of the people I know that had WLS have lied about it, not a surprise that he would too. A member of my family had it and I heard her tell someone that hadn’t seen her in a while that she stated doing yoga and exercising when they ask her how she lost so much weight. Another one told me they did weight watchers lol. And don’t believe the GOLo commercials, I was stupid enough to buy it and haven’t lost a pound.

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