Aetna Requirement for Bariatric Surgery

Which Weight Loss Surgery Forum Should I Join?

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Weight loss surgery is the most effective way to lose substantial amounts of weight when all other forms of weight loss have failed. But it is not a magic pill. Those that undergo bariatric surgery still need to motivate themselves to maintain their diet and exercise requirements and challenge themselves to continue to meet their weight loss goals.

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to do this is by surrounding yourself with support and that support groups and spending time with others that are going through weight loss surgery or have recovered from obesity may be one of the key factors in determining the success of the surgery. (more…)

Free Bariatric Surgery Protein Samples

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Because of how restrictive and malabsorptive so many weight loss surgeries are, it’s important to take extra care to your nutrition post-surgery. Since most of the food consumed is bypassed in the body, a lot or more of the nutrients are not absorbed. Because of this, regular nutritional supplements and minerals are needed for optimal health. (more…)

List of Bariatric Surgery Support Groups, Forums

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Support groups help weight loss surgery patient stay on track following their surgical procedures. While patients are required to go on several post-op visits, attention weight loss support groups or participating in one online has proven to help these patients continue to lose weight, stay on track and stay motivated to remain committed to their new lifestyle change. Experts believe that patients who participate in these weight loss support groups are more successful with losing their excess weight and maintaining that weight loss in the long term more so than those that go at it on their own. (more…)