Five Important Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

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Bariatric surgery is the term used for weight loss surgery procedures that either use restriction, malabsorption, or both. Restriction limits how much food you can eat. Malabsorption skips the complete digestion of food which reduces the number of calories absorbed by your body. The benefits of weight loss surgery along with its effectiveness is causing the demand to increase substantially. (more…)

Weight Loss Surgery After Joint Replacement Surgery

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There is a persistent link between joint and knee pain with obesity. The link between the two is not unusual since the heavier someone is the more pressure that is placed on the joints of the body. (more…)

Weight Loss Surgery Improves Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a very common type of liver disease that is specifically not linked to drinking alcohol. A study’s results were released at the 2014 Digestive Disease Week meeting that showed through a study of 160 people with the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The study tracked the process of these individuals having weight loss surgery to see (more…)

Finding the Best Bariatric Surgery Center For You

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Bariatric surgery is exploding around the world. More and more bariatric surgery centers open constantly, and the market gets more competitive. Finding a trusted bariatric surgery center is harder than ever, as there is a constant battle between price and quality.  (more…)

High-Glycemic Foods May Cause Lung Cancer

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It is well-established that smoking is a major risk factor for lung cancer. In a recent comprehensive research study conducted, MD Anderson found a link between carbs and lung cancer. The research shows that
High-glycemic foods high-glycemic foods on the Glycemic Index (GI), contribute to an increased risk of developing lung cancer even in non-smokers. The researchers observed a 49 percent increased risk of lung cancer among individuals consuming a high daily GI. Carbohydrates, like white bread, bagels & rice, elevate blood sugar levels, which stimulate perturbations in the Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGFs). (more…)

America’s Health Decline

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The director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, Jeffrey Sachs, called the Republican tax cuts for America’s biggest corporations a killing causing America’s health decline.

America’s Health Decline and Corporations Are Feeding This Crisis

Instead of money being put to use of the U.S. citizens, trillions of dollars will go back to the pockets of corporate owners.


What is the Obalon Intragastric Balloon System?

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Obalon® Intragastric Balloon System is a swallowable, 3-balloon system to help obese individuals lose weight. Obalon is the first and only swallowable balloon in the market and is approved by FDA. As with other gastric balloon options, Obalon is a non-surgical procedure.
Obalon balloon, plastic model of a stomach

Obalon intragastric balloon system logo

New Generation of Obalon

The older generations of Obalon were to be removed 3 months after the first balloon placement, but the new generation is designed to stay in the stomach for up to 6 months. The longer therapy cycle results in more weight loss and better success in maintaining it long term. It is worth noting that previous generations of Obalon was not FDA-approved and was available outside of U.S., such as Mexico. The new generation is FDA-approved and is only available in U.S.


Duodenal Switch vs. Gastric Sleeve

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Once it is found that you qualify for bariatric surgery, you and your doctor are going to need to determine the weight loss procedure that makes the most sense for your health, BMI, budget, and commitment to weight loss. One of the most common options used by bariatric surgeons today is known as the gastric sleeve or the “vertical sleeve gastrectomy.”

Yet despite the success of gastric sleeve, there is another related surgery, known as the duodenal switch, that may support greater weight loss in patients. But how do gastric sleeve and duodenal switch compare? We explore the two options in this article. (more…)

Which Weight Loss Surgery Forum Should I Join?

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Weight loss surgery is the most effective way to lose substantial amounts of weight when all other forms of weight loss have failed. But it is not a magic pill. Those that undergo bariatric surgery still need to motivate themselves to maintain their diet and exercise requirements and challenge themselves to continue to meet their weight loss goals.

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to do this is by surrounding yourself with support and that support groups and spending time with others that are going through weight loss surgery or have recovered from obesity may be one of the key factors in determining the success of the surgery. (more…)

Life Expectancy When Morbidly Obese

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Morbid obesity can present a number of different health challenges. From difficulty sleeping to the risk of Type II diabetes, obesity is considered a severe public health crisis, contributing to dozens of diseases and a very low quality of life.

Morbid obesity is also known to reduce life expectancy dramatically. Studies have shown that those that struggle with obesity may be eliminating years from their life and reducing their quality of life during those final years. (more…)